Small Business & Web Services

The Internet certainly made some business services easier then ever before.  But these advances came with a price of seemly complexity that has prevented small business to take advantage of the great and mostly inexpensive web services.  The uncertainly of how to proceed to arm your business with the right tools needs to be overcome.

Internet service

Bleu Cypress can accomplish that for you without the high costs of consulting.  We take our 40+ years of software and technology experience and management and provide to you a set of Internet – web services to make your business more efficient and in the end rise income and profits.

We have designed and created some of the largest web sites since the infancy of the Internet.  We built web software and system for companies to excel;  CRM, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Order Processing, Marketing.  Lots more.

We take the guesswork out of the Internet for you the small business person.  We consult with you to achieve your successes.  Each step of the way, each area of your business.  Use us for a little or as much as you desire.





Our Small Business Services & Software

All our services are on a per hours basis, with some projects that can be fixed  Everything about our services is spelled out to you before we begin.  Costs, area of consulting, end goals, process reports as just part of the reporting back to you.

  • Web sites.  We can suggest the way to go, or build one for you. Or we can project manage your existing vendor to completion.  We can test and review your site for errors and omissions.
  •  CRM.  Every small business needs to track potential clients/customers from first contact right through being a long term customer.  We have implemented CRM for large Fortune companies to small 2 person operations.  We support a services that is free for very small operations and for several options for larger companies and staffs.
  •  Invoice – Order Processing.  It is easy to implement an order and billing system allowing you to track and bill each every service or product you sell.
  •  Customer Support.  Communicating with your customers.
  •  Technology advice.  Let us help you chose the technology to proceed for your business.
  •  Technology contract review.  About to head into a contract?  Let us review it to prevent you headaches later on.  We written and reviewed 100s of contracts over the years.


CRM  –  Improve your sales and profits

CRM ServicesCRM is not just for large companies!.  CRM can and is affordable for any size company, even a one person business.  CRM allows businesses to improve their sales, their profits and relationships with their customers.

  • CRM can track your prospects from first contact right through the first sale to them.
  • CRM can provide valuable information about your current customers.
  • CRM can organize both sales prospects, contact and customers into a single base of information for your entire organization, not just one person.
  • CRM is the one product that provides almost instant pay-back.


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