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The use (and misuse) of CRM

August 23, 2014 All, CRM

When I get involved with businesses, one of the initial comments is that they are not sure what exactly can CRM do for them. So during that first conversation I will get questions such as:

  • Can I track emails?
  • Can I manage tasks and see who is working on them?
  • Can I send email from the CRM system?
  • Can I invoice from my CRM system?

All of the questions are good questions. It is difficult concept to get your arms around, just what is CRM? CRM is very good a number of tasks around the business, and can do some things just OK and some it certainly should not be doing. We will review the areas of CRM and try to show where we believe CRM should have a role and where it does not belong. Continue Reading →

CRM Software Categories

August 9, 2014 All, CRM

When one looks at lists of CRM software they can be totally different depending on who and why the list was created. Not all CRM software covers the same or similar areas within the business community. The Software will have different licensing and costs or will have features only found in larger company software or in how the software is installed and where it is installed.  How is one to use these lists effectively without miscues?  We will take a look at the different way to divide the software so that you can start to determine the software category that fits your needs. Continue Reading →

CRM Systems and Subscription Product Marketing

July 19, 2014 All, CRM

Subscription marketing is a bit different then marketing a non re-occurring product or service and you CRM system needs to be capable of handling these extra needs.  While most CRM system can handle subscription products or service it will take some additional work to make things really hum.  Let’s take a look at what can make a CRM system handle subscription marketing. Continue Reading →

Roadmaps for Technology Success

July 6, 2014 All, CRM, Technology Consulting

Bleu Cypress creates Technology Roadmaps for many companies, but what are they? Why do you need someone to help you plan your technology? In this article we will show how Bleu Cypress creates a Technology Roadmap and what it consists of.

First…  We are talking about technology in businesses.  Technology in the forms of software, architecture, human resources, hardware, networks, users.  Just about anything that needs to be thought about when creating a plan or roadmap.

Secondly, a rule about roadmaps;  They are only for guiding and planning.  If you need to deviate, then do so.  Roadmaps help you shape the direction of technology and effect your business in many ways.  However businesses change and so does your technology roadmap.  Remember roadmap are a living document, not one to be created and then never updated. Continue Reading →

Contact forms that don’t work

June 27, 2014 All, The Web

and how to fix them…

We all have contact us forms and maybe an eMail address on our site. That is good. How many of you have used a contact form and never, never gotten a response from the web site organization. Simply amazing to me. Oh by the way… I never use that organization, a lost opportunity for them. What is not so good is that many, many of these forms do not work. There are lots of reasons, but mostly one can blame site quality and lack of controls in the organization whose site it is. Let me explain. Continue Reading →

Importance of CRM Integration Into Your Business

May 26, 2014 All, CRM

CRM is a great solutions for most businesses.  Track your leads, manage marketing campaigns and use for support of your customers.  But sometimes that is leaving some key benefits of CRM on the table.  Specifically I’m talking about the interchange of data with your other line of business (LOB) applications.   Continue Reading →

Industry Specific or Generic Software for your Company

May 15, 2014 All, CRM

I had an interesting conversation the other day about a company that wants and needs a CRM solution. The conversation was about whether or not the company should pick one of the well know generic all purpose CRM solutions on the market or choose a lesser known but designed specifically for their industry. While there are no right or wrong answers for any one CRM implementation as is typical multiple solutions can and would fit the bill and be successful for the company. This question peaked my interest as I thought through the issues as I see them.   Continue Reading →

The Value in Your CRM System

May 15, 2014 All, CRM

dollar valueWhen you and your company spend both hard dollars and resources to install and operate a CRM system you expect that it will provide a high value to your organization. Value in most eyes equates to direct impact benefits that provide real and demonstrable value to the organization. The values or benefits are for the most part those benefits that you would list if you were just starting out in the world of CRM and needed to understand what will come back for the money and resources spent. When I evaluate benefits for systems that are about to be or have been implemented I like to identify actual hard benefits, not the “squishier” kind that are hard to place a value on.

We will initially divide the value into the typical types of CRM implementation then go to some of the less recognizable ones. There are three generally accepted types: Sales Management, Marketing Management and Call Center Management. Continue Reading →

Best CRM for You

May 12, 2014 All, CRM

What makes the best CRM product for your use? Lots of information needs to go into the hopper before you can reach that answer. Let’s narrow the questions that need to be answered at bit. The CRM marketplace has a wealth of potential CRM products that really have a wide range of cost, functionality and ease of use. For most (but not all businesses, especially those large corporations) the primary questions and thus answers that can help you decide which CRM or at least get you into a smaller sub-set of CRM products. These are:

  • Cost per person / per month
  • Cloud vs Install
  • Key functionality required

A further analysis of each of these key factors.
Continue Reading →

Bleu Now Supports Vtiger

May 10, 2014 All, CRM, Vtiger

After much research into the CRM marketplace where we were looking for a high quality, low cost CRM, we have announced that Bleu Cypress will support both the Vtiger online CRM subscription products and the Vtiger free open source version.  Bleu Cypress’s Vtiger services will include, training, setup and configuration, data loading, customizations and more.

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