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How do you run your small business?      With email?     With a few spreadsheets?      What about a web site?       How do you keep track of your prospects?      Do you know what your customer last ordered?    or when?         Did you bill your customer for their last service call?


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We Can Help

Bleu Cypress is a technology and Internet consulting company.  Those questions above, we can help you, easily and inexpensively.  We have the experience (we created our first web site in 1994) to assist you in making the correct technology decisions.  Use us in one of two ways:

1)  we listen to your needs and simple plot out the best and lest expensive approach for you to reach your goals.  You hire the best vendor to implement your solution.

2)  We listen to your business needs and design an approach and steps to be successful.  We then implement a web site or CRM or other software if it is one that we support.  Currently we support WordPress for web sites and Zoho for CRM and other small business applications.

Read our services and see if there is some area where you need help.  You will be glad you did.

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